I’m Jean, and I’m a retired community college writing instructor who is recovering from Complex PTSD. I’ve been in therapy now here in Portland, Oregon, for slightly more than three years, and I have managed to alleviate my PTSD symptoms, the flashbacks and dissociative episodes in particular, to the point where I don’t remember all the time that I used to have the problem. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have worked hard and have committed myself to enjoying the last few years of my life free from PTSD symptoms. That is happening!

Before I began in therapy with my present therapist some three years ago, I hated leaving the calm of my apartment because I knew that at some point “out in the world” I would be triggered and would have to endure a flashback or a “space out.” Most of my problem came when I used the bus or rapid transit and encountered people arguing loudly or talking loudly on their cell phones. Loud voices triggered me. Now, however, some three years later, I take the noise and bustle of the city in stride. If some jerk argues loudly with the bus driver, I think to myself, “Stop that arguing and just get the damned bus moving!” Pretty normal, I’d say!

In addition to alleviating my PTSD symptoms, I’ve also begun to see myself and how I am in the world more clearly, I believe. For example, I used to believe I had no power over what other people did to me. And other people have done a lot of bad things to me in my lifetime! But now, I’m realizing that I do not have to allow people to violate me or do anything that isn’t okay with me. In other words, I’ve experienced a major paradigm shift! I’ll take all the paradigm shifts I can get–as long as the paradigms shift in the direction of my choice, that is.

So if you are considering therapy to heal trauma wounds/C-PTSD, please find an experienced, competent therapist you like and start the process. Your hard work will pay off! Blessings and a happy life to you . . . Jean