This morning as I was going through my email messages, I noticed that I had received a post from a blogger who calls herself Cat’s Meow.  I follow her blog because she is describing her experience as she heals from Complex PTSD, and she is working much as I have worked—with her personality parts, ego states.  Here is the link to her blog and the post I read this morning:   

All along, I have been amazed at the candor and the courage of this blogger.  She takes her reader by the hand and leads the person through her therapy sessions, revealing not only her pain resulting from horrendous childhood abuse but also giving her reader a picture of her interaction with her therapist.  As I have followed her posts, I have been able to witness her healing, and this witnessing has given me inspiration as I have struggled on my own healing journey.  I can only believe that others have benefited as I have from reading Cat’s posts.   

Cat’s Meow has come a long, long way in the year or two I have been following her blog, and I have faith that she will, as I have, reach a point where she will know she is ready, finally, to “just live” and not need the support of formal therapy.  This day will come for her, I am certain, for she has persevered and “kept on keeping on” through times that would lay many people so low they would give up.   

I highly recommend this blog to you if you are considering getting help healing from childhood sexual abuse.  To get the most help and inspiration from Cat’s posts, it might be useful to begin reading her early posts and progress through them to her present posts.  This will help you get a sense of the progress she has made over time, and you will also understand why I say she is such an inspiration for others who are making the same journey.   

Also, you might find it helpful to read the following information on ego state therapy, parts therapy, to gain some understanding of the parts concept:  Here is another article that you might find useful:   

For those of you who are considering getting help but have not yet done so, for those who are in the process of healing, for those who have reached a point where you no longer feel the need for therapy, and for everyone who feels the need for protection and comfort, I will share with you this Celtic circle prayer I found while looking for information on the Celtic saint, St. Cuthbert–

 Circle us Lord,

Keep love within, keep hatred out.

Keep joy within, keep fear out.

Keep peace within, keep worry out.

Keep light within, keep darkness out.

May you stand in the circle with us, today and always.


St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

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