Thank You, Kimberly Callis!

Thank you for nominating this site for the Beautiful Blogger award!  

Your site titled “Stoning Demons” is inspiring and informative.  I found some great researched articles and also wonderful personal accounts such as the excerpts from your journal.  Your clearly-written articles are adding to the literature of Complex PTSD and also helping those of us who suffer the misery of PTSD symptoms.  

To my readers: Kimberly’s blog, “Stoning Demons,” is a must-read.  I’m a subscriber, and reading her posts has helped me get a wider perspective on Complex PTSD and appreciate the resilience and strength of the human spirit.  

Two wonderful blogs whose authors I know: 

See Joy Corcoran’s Studio for inspiring and upbeat personal essays on disability, art, and just living.  Joy is an excellent writer and artist, and her site is, like her name, joyful and beautiful.  No matter what her topic, she always lets the light come in.  Very important!  

Another must-read blog is Becky Langley’s “Dignified Expressions”  Becky, like Joy, is an artist, and she writes as she paints—in beautiful imagery.  She tells her story in a way that is at once familiar and yet unique—a blog not to be overlooked.

Other blogs that are interesting and important:  Interesting information in the PTSD archive of this blog. 

“PTSD from Gang Rape—My Journey” The author of this blog is a recent blogger who was raped by four men.  She is starting her journey and sharing it with us so that we might benefit from her story.  This blogger has great courage! 

Michael J. Cain  “Journaling and Its Role in PTSD Therapy”  A blog offering resources for people who want to share their stories and write their way to healing.  This is the official blog site of the EMDR organization, and it contains interesting and sometimes shocking information regarding the treatment of PTSD in this country.  Well worth reading! 

As time passes, I will add to this list.  

Next, one of the rules for those who are nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award is that we must answer the following ten questions.  Here goes:


1. What would you do if you won 5,000 pound tomorrow?? Publish my book.  Publishing would help my readers and me! 

2. Best life time moment?? Birth of my son and adoption of my daughter.

3. Are you happy?? Most of the time.

4. Do you prefer Facebook or TwitterFacebook.

 5. If you could change something in your life what would it be.  My knees.

6. What is your biggest vice/ bad habit in life ??  Being too sedentary.

7. Can you note what you name a good point about you and also a negative point about you?? (after all no one is perfect.) Good: I have empathy for others.  Bad:  I’m too serious.

8. What is your most embarrassing life time moment??  Recently?  I sat in water at a bus stop Sunday and had to walk around looking as if I’d wet my pants.

9. What is your favorite flower?  It’s a tie between calendula and forget-me-nots. 

10. What’s your biggest love in life? Talking with my kids and their families.

Back again soon with another post!  Jean