In my previous post published on May 16th, I described my response to a recent incident in which I was bullied by another tenant in the apartment complex where I live.  As I told you, I took her irrational rant personally and allowed her behavior to send me into a week-long downer.  No more! 

When I awoke this morning, I knew I had been processing this material during the night because my first thought this morning was–to echo Braveheart as he forged into the thick of battle–FREEDOM!  Yes, I realized when I opened my eyes this morning that I am no longer chained to the post that says “victim” on it.  What a relief! 

And then, this morning, into my e-mail box popped a comment from somebody named Thomas.  Evidently, he did not enjoy my previous post and did not appreciate my other posts because he let me know that I am wasting my money on therapy, I’m certifiably insane, and I need to go away.

Did I let his message send me into a downer?  No!  As I told him in my reply, if he doesn’t like my posts, he doesn’t need to waste his time reading them.  And he certainly doesn’t need to spend any time writing to me!  I’m not “going away” as he suggested, and I hope he doesn’t let the door slam too hard on his behind as he leaves. 

The fact is that I am truly beginning to reap the rewards of all my hard work.  I am succeeding in healing my Complex PTSD–little by little.  The healing is taking place precisely because I am IN therapy where I have the support of an experienced therapist who is trained to witness my process and can help me over the rough spots.  

Evidently, Thomas does not think therapists and therapy are necessary.  A lot of people feel this way. Why see a therapist?  People can solve their own problems.  If a person has to go to a therapist, then that person must be stupid or something, too stupid to solve her own problem.  People have said those things to me.  How do I respond?  I don’t say anything, usually, for I have learned that people who have this attitude simply do not understand whereof they speak. And they do not want to understand. Anything I could say would fall on deaf ears.  Why waste my time?  I need my time and energy for my own work and for the writing I do to encourage others. 

My message is this:  With the help of a skilled therapist, I am healing from trauma damage incurred over the first forty-two years of my life.  The whole effect of this damage is called Complex PTSD.  Thus, I am finding relief from Complex PTSD.  IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!   With the help of a skilled therapist, you can get the life back that was stolen from you by the people who victimized you!  THE BEST REVENGE IS A LIFE WELL LIVED.  Therapy can help you learn to live well.