If possible, I’ll diary my experience in EMDR, starting later today, so that those of you who may be interested in utilizing this mode of healing can get some idea as to how it works. 

I will admit to being a wee bit anxious about my upcoming EMDR session because the last one was so problematic–see last week’s post.  However, my present therapist knows what she is doing and firmly believes and practices the principle of “First, do no harm.”  If my anxiety level increases today, we may spend the time dealing with that rather than working with EMDR. 

For a few weeks, then, I’ll attempt to diary my experiences so that you can get a sense of how EMDR is affecting me.  We are each different, however, so the effect EMDR has on me may be way different from the effect on you.  But I believe that there are certain common threads that run through each person’s experience.  If this is true, then what I have to say may be of use to you.  Jean