It’s Saturday, June 11th, and my message for you today is–if you are working in therapy toward reducing your PTSD symptoms–hang in there! Getting the relief is so worth it!

When I began this therapy about a year ago with a person who specializes in helping people suffering from PTSD and other trauma damage, I was doubtful. After all, I’m over seventy years old now, and I’ve been having the symptoms since childhood: how on earth will I be able to do anything about them now?? But I was determined to enjoy a few more years of life without the misery of flashbacks and all the other symptoms of PTSD.

Besides–I was angry! Other people in my life had done the damage to me, so why should I let them continue to abuse me? Granted, these people were no longer in my life, but
as long as I let the symptoms damage the quality of my life, I was, in a sense, allowing the perpetrators to continue abusing me. That was my reasoning. Thus, I decided to give therapy one more try, but this time I was going to get help from somebody who truly was skilled and experienced enough to help me. I am SO glad I did this!

Future posts will include more specific evidence that this therapy is helping. For now, I will simply say that it does work for me, and it can work for you, too. If you live in the Portland, Oregon, area, type “PTSD therapy Portland Oregon trauma” or some such string into your search engine. You should get hits that include the names of therapists, clinics, and organizations that will help you find the right therapist with appropriate skills. Send me a comment and let me know how it’s going.
Good luck!