The good news is that it’s possible now to get relief from the flashbacks, numbing, “space-outs,” and all the other symptoms of abuse-caused PTSD. For more information on this topic, please see my website: On my home page there is a link to an article that will describe the symptoms and help you understand more about PTSD and how you can get help to alleviate the symptoms.

On my website I tell about my own experience with PTSD and how I have minimized my symptoms through a modality called ego state therapy. This modality has worked well for me, but there are other types of therapy that also work well. The important thing is to find a therapist who knows how to help trauma victims and people with PTSD. Not all therapists are skilled in that sort of work, so it’s important to be very specific when you look for a therapist.

It’s taken me over twenty years to find a therapist with the skills to help me, but that’s partly because I did not know I needed a therapist with specific training in PTSD and trauma work. You can benefit from my mistakes!

Remember: As long as you spend your days letting the symptoms of PTSD make your life miserable, the person/people who abused you are still, in a sense, abusing you. Stop the effects of the abuse by finding the right therapist so you can get your life back! By working hard in therapy, you can get back in control of your life! At age 72, that’s what I’m doing!

Good luck!